FAQ's About Digital Video Recorders

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New technology can intimidate people. Sometimes we may hesitate to change over to a new type of technology because we might think that it's too difficult to figure out, or that we really won't save any time by using the device.

With the digital video recorder, there is a small learning curve, but in the long run you certainly will enjoy your television viewing experience, and save time as well. Here are a few frequently asked questions about digital video recorder units.

Does it work like a VCR?

Yes and no. It does in that it will record your favorite shows for later playback, but it does so much more. Sometimes DVR devices are referred to as VCR's on steroids. It does the same thing as a VCR, but in addition you can pause live TV, rewind the show you are watching, and even set the device to record an entire series, all without tapes.

Is it difficult to use?

Not at all! In fact, it is really no more difficult than using the remote control that you have grown accustomed to. User friendly menus have been devised in order to guide you through the process, allowing the satellite television subscriber full control over what the DVR device does.

Is it expensive?

No. Many satellite television and cable TV packages include the DVR service in the cost of the package, otherwise there is a monthly fee assessed per DVR unit. New customers can get a free DVR unit from their cable or satellite TV company.  Check with your preferred provider for options in your area.

What is the best thing about the DVR?

Most subscribers agree that the time saved watching TV is the best thing about the device. Most one hour television shows now contain between 16 to 20 minutes of commercial advertisements. Using your DVR unit to record these shows for later viewing will save you lots of time.

With so many advantages, why not see if a cable or satellite package with DVR service is right for your family? Doing so could save you lots of time in the long run.

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FAQ's About Digital Video Recorders

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This article was published on 2010/04/02