Television - A means of Entertainment and Education

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Television became a very important part of our life, it is the cheapest and easiest way to keep our self informed about the happenings in the worlds, update ourselves about new fashion trends in the society. It also helps people from different parts of the world to connect with each other and understand different culture and traditional values. Television became the need for today’s society, be it men, women, children or senior citizen everyone want television in their daily life.

Public Awareness and Entertainment

We all know television is the fastest media of communication, so it plays a very crucial in informing public. Television is the quickest media through which any message can be conveyed to the society or any feedback can be taken from the masses regarding any issue. Now days we can see there are many news, entertainment, educational or sports channels that are available for easily.  We can see live coverage of any events from any corner of the world and hence we enhance our knowledge and awareness.

Today’s life is running around the hectic scheduled; Time is running very fast that we cannot get time to relax and to release our stress. So entertainment is necessary to keep our self going. Television is the easiest mode of entertainment today; we can easily entertain our self by watching television. We can watch anything that interest us on our television, say movies, serials, sports. If a tired individual after coming from work, watch his favorite movie or television programme, then he can relax his tiring mind.

Arabic TV Channels

Arabic TV Channels are accessible in United States, Middle East and Asia. Today there are many Arabic news channels are available, few of them are listed below.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is owned by the Qatar Media Corporation and it’s headquarter is in Doha. It is the 24 hour news channel in the Middle East, provides news from every part world.

New TV

New TV is a 24 hour entertainment channel, which is in Arabic language. It broadcasts from Lebanon and provide a variety of entertainments shows to its viewers.

CNBC Arabiya

CNBC Arabiya is 24 hour business channels in Arabic language. The new channel features news related to finance, stock market, business, stock exchange etc.

BBC Arabic Television

BBC is a news channels that broadcast by BBC in the Middle East. Headquarter of the news channels is located in London.

Zee Aflam

Zee Aflam is owned by Zee entertainment. It is Indian based satellite channel; it broadcast Bollywood movies with Arabic subtitles.  It is launched in 2009 and it’s headquarter is located in Dubai.


Alhurra commenced its broadcasting from 2004, is a US based satellite TV channel. It telecast current affair shows in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Television - A means of Entertainment and Education

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Television - A means of Entertainment and Education

This article was published on 2012/06/25